October 2017

Our True Home
Rev. Master Teijo Stimac
Serene Reflection Meditation Refuge

With the advent of Autumn, there is a sense of anticipation in the air. The garden is being put to bed, the leaves are changing, and the squirrels are busy burying food for the Winter. At this time of year, our Hearts turn inward longing to be reunited with the Pure Love of the Eternal. After the bright, long and busy days of Summer, the long, dark months ahead offer us the opportunity to deepen our meditation and training. It is the time to return to our True Home. Each moment is precious. What a joy to find that our True Home is inner Peace.

The gift of the Light of the Lord is everywhere;

The palace of the Buddha Nature is inside ourselves.

The deep, true heart wants to go quickly,

So that their happy meeting will occur soon.

Chinese Poem—Anonymous

Poem by a Lay Disciple

From the very core and depths of a

Deep dark cavern

Comes the Lord

Whispering on the breath that He is there —

The Bodhisattva Vows.


Serene Reflection Meditation Refuge, Olympia, WA

Cocoa, the temple's newest canine trainee, ready for the winter rains in her stylish new raincoat.

Cocoa in her raincoat

She has some difficulty grasping the concept of seniority. First, she takes over the aged—and much larger—Loki's bed...

Cocoa in her raincoat

then crowds herself onto that bed!

Cocoa in her raincoat
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